Mechanisms of the Department of Trade and Industry that serve as a confidence-building measure between the Philippines and its trading partners. It is a platform where policy concerns and economic cooperation initiatives are discussed.Topics covered by bilateral economic cooperation engagements: trade and investment promotion, market access, investments and value propositions, improvements to the business environment, non-tariff measures, possible free trade agreement/preferential trade agreement, multilateral and regional developments and technical assistance and cooperation in various areas, including but not limited to: agriculture, agriculture, SPS and food safety, automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceuticals, innovation, creative and design industries, energy, e-commerce, etc. 
 PartnerBilateral Economic Cooperation EngagementRegion
1ChinaJoint Commission on Trade and Economic CooperationAsia
2JapanJoint Committee
3South KoreaJoint Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation
4TaiwanJoint Economic Conference
5IndonesiaJoint Working Group on Trade, Investments, Handicraft and Shipping
6ThailandJoint Trade Committee
7VietnamJoint Trade Committee
8IndiaJoint Working Group on Trade and Investment
9PakistanJoint Economic Commission
10BangladeshJoint Trade Committee
11KuwaitJoint Trade Committee
12QatarJoint Committee
13IraqJoint Committee
14IranJoint Commission on Economic and Commercial Cooperation
15SyriaJoint Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation
16AustraliaTrade, Investment and Industry DialogueOceania
17Papua New GuineaJoint Economic and Trade Committee
18EgyptJoint Trade CommitteeAfrica
19GabonJoint Commission
20United StatesTrade and Investment FrameworkAmerica
21ChileJoint Economic Commission
22EUSub Committee on Trade, Investment, and Economic CooperationEurope
23EFTAJoint Committee
24Russia FederationJoint Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation
25FranceJoint Economic Commission
26HungaryJoint Commission on Economic Cooperation
27Czech RepublicJoint Economic Commission
28AustriaJoint Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation
29SwitzerlandJoint Economic Commission
30GermanyJoint Economic Commission
31TurkeyJoint Committee for Economic and Technical Cooperation

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